Chicago Veterans
Liberty Call

1800 - 2100
Warrior Week is a week where we seek to help veterans connect with other veterans, organizations and the community as a way to help cope with the challenges of transition.

September is "Suicide Awareness Month", therefore, this week was created to give Veterans an opportunity to foster their mental health and connect to organizations to help them continue to grow positively.

What started out as a way for returning veterans to connect on college campuses back in 2014 turned into something our veteran community as a whole truly needed. Our Liberty Calls provide opportunities for veterans to meet other like-minded veterans, build their support system, and help each other grow as individuals. Since 2014, we've hosted over 50 Liberty Calls in more than 30 neighborhoods throughout the Chicagoland area. Liberty Calls have helped connect over a thousand veterans and family members throughout the years with employment opportunities, access to health care and well-being resources from organizations serving the Veteran community. Our Liberty calls help provide resources for veterans to start their own business, assistance to get back in college, employment opportunities, and obtain peer- to-peer support from Veterans who have experienced the same struggles as other returning service members.

We have heard amazing stories throughout the years from veterans buying their first home, finding a new career, or simply building a friendship because of the connections they made at our Liberty Calls. These stories are the reasons why our Liberty Calls continue to grow month after month. 

If you are currently looking for a career change or for a new employment opportunity please bring your resume with you.

Liberty Call events are Business Casual, so please come dressed to impress. For more information, email info@chicagovets.org